Product introduction

Ucode-Your handy storage management assistant

With Ucode and our QR code labels, you can easily organize and manage all your inventory。

Ucode has features such as photo storage, item descriptions, location tracking, and keyword search, which can help you find the items you need accurately and quickly.

Download and install the Ucode App, register and log in to your account by scanning any of our QR code labels. Paste our QR code label onto the packaging box or shelf where you need to store and manage items,Take photos of each item and place them into the designated box or shelf, Upload the photo and edit the description information for the QR code on the Ucode App(Each QR code is unique and can be described by location and type. Multiple photos can be uploaded under each QR code with individual descriptions.)。 When your items have been stored for a long time or you have a large number of items,you can use the keyword search feature in the Ucode App to accurately determine the location and box number of the items you need(For example, by searching for 'Item B', it will display the location as Shelf A, 3rd column, 5th box - Item B. )。You can also scan the QR code on the packaging box using the Ucode App to view all item information stored inside.


  • Using the Ucode App and our QR code labels will help you easily manage all your items, greatly saving you time and manpower costs.
  • Each QR code label is unique and will not be duplicated
  • You can scan any of the QR code labels, upload photos, and edit the relevant information of the item.
  • You can use keywords to search for the desired item within the Ucode App. For example:(searching for "Item B" will display its location as Shelf A, 3rd column, 5th box.)
  • You can scan the QR code label you attached to quickly access all the item information stored under that QR code.
  • The Ucode App is permanently free to use.
  • The Ucode App supports both iOS and Android platforms.
  • The same Ucode App account can be shared across multiple devices.